What the ATV Lifeguard is made from

What the ATV Lifeguard is made from

The “ATV LifeGuard®” is made from an aluminium base with plastic segments forming the arc. The BASE ends are from an industrial grade alloy plate with base rails of tempered high tensile extruded alloy. A process called INTERPON TC Industrial Powder Coating, is used on painting the Base, and is oven cured giving a durable, attractive and weather resistant finish. The LifeGuard® is only 13kg, and the standard mounting brackets 1.5kg!

The SEGMENTS that form the arc are injection moulded. Different types and grades of plastic were researched to find a material with the right qualities, which included; A. Density – for strength and the ability to maintain their shape without crushing or deforming under load. B. The ability to perform in a range of temperatures between -10º to 45º Celsius. C. Weight – To get this down to an acceptable level which was less than 120 grams each.

The TENSIONING MECHANISM has been designed to be simple, strong and fail proof. All components are Stainless Steel and have been tested to meet strict engineering standards by Industrial Research Engineers in Wellington.

The CABLES which hold the Segments together, are a 12-strand braided rope, made from DSM’sDyneema® SK75 fibres. It has a low elongation of 3.7%, is extremely flexible, and has a breaking strain of 3500kg each.

The NEOPRENE COVER zips on to cover the segments. It is 5mm thick and made from neoprene, with a wear resistant UV stable nylon fabric each side. The cover gives added protection and padding if coming in contact with the rider.

The MOUNTING BRACKETS are designed to fit most types of carriers. This includes a flat bar that can be swivelled at any angle, with hooks that rotate 360° to any position. They simply clamp over each end of the ‘LifeGuard®’ and once the hooks are positioned, tighten with a torque wrench to 10ft lbs. or 12 newton metres – this is important as over-tightening could damage your carrier, and/or the hooks.