Frequently asked questions

Below are questions that have been asked by prospective ATV Lifeguard purchasers and users. If your query is not covered please contact us direct. 

Where do I put my sprayer?

Either on the front, or a small one (30L) can fit under the arc of the LifeGuard® - if you have other items on the front of your quad and can’t put your sprayer there, the LifeGuard® is super quick to fit/remove, so once you’ve finished spraying, remove the sprayer off the back and fit the LifeGuard®. Another option is to use a different vehicle for spraying.

What is the ATV LifeGuard® made from?

The ATV LifeGuard® is made from an aluminium base with plastic segments forming the arc.

The segments that form the arc are injection moulded and the cables which hold the segments together are a 12-strand braided rope, and have a breaking strain of 3500kg each.

The tensioning mechanism has been designed to be simple, strong and fail proof. All components are Stainless Steel and have been tested to meet strict engineering standards.

A cover zips on to cover the segments. It is 5mm thick and made from neoprene, with a wear resistant UV stable nylon fabric each side.

The MOUNTING BRACKETS are designed to fit most types of carriers. This includes a flat bar that can be swivelled at any angle, with hooks that rotate 360° to any position. They simply clamp over each end of the ATV LifeGuard®

What do the ATV manufacturers say about them?

Some ATV manufacturers will advise you not to fit any form of crush protection. If you have any questions relating to this please contact us.

What do Health & Safety say about them?
This varies in different countries, some states in Australia the LifeGuard® is highly supported, and you’ll get a rebate if you fit a LifeGuard®, but in New Zealand, most H&S departments can’t promote a ‘product’ so mostly their response is it’s the rider’s decision to fit crush protection. In saying that, some companies have fitted the LifeGuard® and it’s reduced their ACC levies due to them being proactive and doing what they can to be safer. The LifeGuard®, has a CE approval in Europe.
Once it’s had a roll over, is it still useable?
Yes! This is one great advantage of the LifeGuard® being flexible and has been designed to take and handle impact. The tension of the LifeGuard® and mounting brackets will need to be checked after a roll over, and in the event of a major accident, the LifeGuard® will need to be sent to one of our agents to be inspected.
Will the ATV LifeGuard® fit any ATV or Quad Bike?
The ATV LifeGuard® will fit any quad bike with a metal carrier, some ATV's have a plastic carrier and it is not possible to fit them with the standard bracket. Please contact us for more details as the CE Mark in the EU does not apply to these types of carriers and are therefore not recommended.
How is it mounted to the Quad Bike?

The ATV LifeGuard® simply clamps to the rear carrier of your Quad, fitting most makes and models. Severe roll over testing has proved that this method is highly effective as the flexible character of the "ATV Lifeguards®" soaks up the impact, and the carrier can easily sustain the forces required. The mounting brackets consist of two flat bars that can be swivelled at any angle, with hooks that rotate 360° to any position.

PLEASE NOTE - The ATV LifeGuard® fits most makes, but is not recommended for plastic carriers./expand]

What is the weight of the ATV LifeGuard®?The ATV LifeGuard® is 14.5kg and comes in a strong sturdy box, with fitting instructions.

How easy is it to fit the ATV LifeGuard® - do I need to employ a technician?
The ATV LifeGuard® can easily be fitted by an individual, and there is no need to employ a technician, please make sure that you read the instruction books in detail, and follow the instructions. In any doubt please contact us.
What maintenance is required with the ATV LifeGuard®?
It is extremely important that the tension is kept at 33 Newton Meters, and that the brackets that attach the LifeGuard® to the ATV are correctly tensioned. This is very easy to do, and all you need is a torque wrench and the correct sockets, otherwise get your mechanic to check it every service.
Has the ATV LifeGuard® been tested in roll over conditions?
Yes it has and before going to market the LifeGuard® was tested in many ways, including rolling down a hill several times. Since it has been on the market, it has been put to the real test and many people have been involved in a roll over, and the LifeGuard® has saved them from injury or possible death.
How safe is the ATV LifeGuard® when fitted to an ATV/Quad?
In most situations, your quad bike is a lot safer with one fitted. The ATV LifeGuard® reduces the risk of serious injury or death, by offering some protection to the rider in the event of a roll over. We view it like a seat belt in a car - obviously it will not save every life but it will save a lot more by using one.
Where do my dogs sit?
Dogs love the ATV LifeGuard®! There’s space for at least 2-3 average size farm dogs, and it gives them something to lean on instead of your back.